6 Signs That Your Man Loves You

6 Signs That Your Man Cannot Live Without You

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Is your man really in love with you? These signs will tell you the truth. If you can’t live without your man, you might be wondering if he feels the same way about you.

Put those worries to rest because if he does these six things, he can’t ever imagine living even a single day without you:

1. He Talks To You Everyday

If your husband can’t go a day without talking to you, he will never leave you.

Even if he is at work or traveling, he will call or text because he doesn’t feel complete until he’s heard from the love of his life — which is you.

He loves it when the two of you talk late into the night. Such conversations are some of his greatest treasures.

2. He Appreciates You

He recognizes your efforts, even the smallest things that you do for him.

He knows he wouldn’t be who he is today without you. Therefore, he shows you appreciation by saying “I love you” by kissing you on the cheek.

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He always says “thank you” by sometimes holding your head and whispering into your ears softly, so you know he really means it this time.

3. He Enjoys Spending Time With You

He always puts you first, and it shows how happy he is when he’s by your side. There’s no one else he’d rather be with.

On days that the two of you can’t go out on a date together, he’s content just sitting next to you while you read and he finishes up that last email.

4. He Opens His Heart To You

He is comfortable sharing his feelings and secrets with you because he trusts you enough to open himself up.

You’ve seen his love grow for you because he’s willing to share more and more the longer you’ve been together.

5. He Has Fun With You

Even with life’s boring daily routines, your husband has fun with you. He’ll make the most mundane tasks exciting and funny because he loves to hear you laugh.

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He’ll hide notes in the bathroom cupboards, or draw faces on the eggs in the refrigerator.

Even when he is stressed out and tired, he’s ready to come home and see you because you’re his reason to smile.

6. His Future Includes You

He’ll include you in his plans because he wants you to be in his life now and in the future.

He’ll casually mention how he’d love for the two of you to visit the cabin he vacationed at when he was a kid.

Or how one day he’ll take you to that tiny corner grocery store him and his friends would ride his bikes to on Saturday mornings.

He doesn’t think twice about it because he can’t live without you and wants you to be a part of his forever.

It’s the small things that remind us we can’t live without the other person. If you do these six things in your marriage, your relationship will truly last a lifetime.

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