8 things to know before dating a slay queen.

8 things you need to know before dating a Slay Queen

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Things You Need To Bear In Mind Before Dating A Slay Queen…

No one is ugly. According to the Bible, everyone is wonderfully and fearfully made in the image and likeness of God.

However, in this era, beauty is defined by physical appearance pimped with heavy makeup.

Here are some words of advice before you hit on a diva — better known as a slay queen in Ghana or Nigeria. Thank me later.

1. She’s being eyed by other men

Don’t be too ignorant. You are not the only one who is hitting on her.

There are other men who are busy chasing her with much more money than your mobile money peanuts.

2. She will go for the highest bidder

You surely have to up your game. Show her that you are not a jerk, that money ain’t a problem to you and that you are ready to shower her with new love that will last.

Remember there is competition, and the best wins.

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4. Team Make-ups

Honestly, she can’t do without it. It’s an art that you’ve got to appreciate and put up with.

The thick layers of mascara, lipsticks with shouting colours and much more.

5. My dress, my choice

Just because she has a titillating body, her dress code has to be explicit.

When you see her in skin tights, figure hugging mini dresses to flaunt her body just know that that will be the trend. Put your jealousy aside ooh.

6. A heartbreak could be real

There is that kapride when someone realizes that she has that which the rest have but hers is much better.

You must have heard that notion that very cute lasses are best players. Get it in your head that she might use you and dump you.

7. The modern Delilah

She is a beauty with brains. Men are visual beings who get carried away by appearance.

Beware, she could be the devil straight from hell, trying to rob off your soul. She will definitely make you a means to an end.

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8. Health status

Just don’t be lured to go overboard only to cry a river alone, bitter with regrets. Your health matters most, control your desires, dude.

Get tested together before hitting the jackpot.

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