14 Things You Should Never Do To Someone You Love

14 Things You Should Never Do To Someone You Love In A Relationship

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There are some mistakes you make in your relationship or marriage that can jeopardize or kill the love in such a relationship or marriage,

It can also create a gap for negativity to breed in the relationship or marriage.

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5 Questions

Here Are 14 Things You Should Never Do To Someone You Love In A Relationship.

  1. Never mock or insult your partner just to make yourself feel good or better.
    No matter the misunderstanding or issues you are facing in that relationship or marriage, never mock your partner for any reason.
  2. Don’t force your partner to be what they are not as such won’t make them happy and feel you are controlling them.
  3. In a relationship or marriage, never deceive your partner.
  4. Don’t take your partner for granted, they should be the first person in your mind.
  5. Stop the habit of comparing your partner to someone else. Such a thing will only kill or damage your relationship.
  6. Don’t fail to appreciate your partner for their good deeds, no matter how small it is. Learn to say thank you.
  7. Never let pride come between you and your partner when you’re wrong, learn to say sorry. Pride kills a relationship or marriage.
  8. Never feel you are doing your partner a favour, or you are helping them because you are in a relationship with them.
  9. Don’t be hardhearted over your partner. No matter the misunderstanding, once they say they are sorry, learn to be emotional, that is what true love is all about.
  10. Remember, rude words can hurt. Mind the way you talk to your partner, never use harsh words on them. It is better you remain mute when angry or upset.

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3 Things
  1. Don’t be self-centered in a relationship. Relationship is all about two people. Stop the habit of thinking about yourself alone.
  2. Say no to cheating if you love your partner, don’t cheat on them.
  3. Never make your partner feel as if they were begging you to love them. Such things hurt.
  4. Don’t hold grudges or scores, the past should be the past, never bring up the past in your relationship. Such things only damage the relationship.

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