The 5 questions women usually ask

Men, If A Woman Asks You These 5 Questions, She Is In Love With You

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Some men find it hard to tell or detect if a woman is in love with them.

But the truth is, women also love and show affection, except that in some cases it might be difficult for a man to find out.

A woman might not tell you in your face that she loves you, but she will show it using her body language and how she interacts with you on daily basis.

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Here Are 5 Questions A Woman Who Loves You Might Ask:

  1. She would like to pay more attention to your family background and would like to get close to them, be it your brother, sister or cousins. She will be very concerned about you and everything you do. Only a woman who has feelings for you would like to get very close to your family and friends.
  2. She would like to know if you are single or in a relationship. It might look funny to you or just a question, but it is not. She really needs to know her chances or probability of her coming into your life. When a woman asks you if you are in a relationship, she just wants to be assured that she has chances to show affection and get close to you.
  3. She might ask you if you would like to marry a woman like her. Women always think about the future and just don’t jump into a relationship without having positive feedback. If a woman asks you this question, don’t just see it as a joke, there are high chances she’s in love with you and ready to start a relationship with you.
  4. She would like to know about your daily activities. She might even start texting you on social media or call you to ask about your day and how you are doing. This is because she cherishes and adores you, and your safety is also important to her. It is also a sign of love at the first stage in a woman’s life. 
  5. A woman who loves you might ask you if you have feelings for her. She just wants to know her chances are in your life so that she won’t be the one just forcing herself in a relationship with you. You have to approve the relationship before she officially steps in.

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