Reasons why men leave their wives.

7 reasons that will definitely make a man abandon a woman

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My grandmother told me this:

My daughter, today I give you 7 reasons that can make your man leave you, even if he loves you with all his heart.

Darling, these 7 reasons may seem nothing to you, but note that they are very important to men.

My Daughter, do not neglect them. You do so at your own peril!

#1. Lack of Respect

A man will abandon a woman who disrespects him. It’s no longer a secret.

Everyone knows that respect is what men need most in a romantic relationship.

What men hate most is disrespect in public, especially in front of parents, friends, etc.

Men also hate disobedient women, those who do whatever they want. Men hate women who don’t listen to them.

#2. Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the major causes of marital breakdown. Men hate women who are very unfaithful.

No man is ever ready to share his wife or sweetheart with the outside world. Never!.

And it is very rare to see a man simply forgive his wife who has been caught in the ‘act’ with another man.

My sisters, be faithful to your men.

#3. Se.xual interc0ur$e

Whilst women can live for years without s.e.x, men on the other hand are unable to hold on for long.

My sisters, I have always asked you to abstain before marriage, for abstinence will keep bad men away from you.

But don’t refuse a man who has married you se.x.

Do not also refuse a man with whom you already have children; a man with whom you live in the same house.

#4. The materialistic & money-conscious woman

My sisters, men don’t like women who ask them for money on daily basis.

They don’t like women who spend all their time talking to them about money.

If a man has a decent job and really loves you, he will definitely give you money without you asking him.

The tip here is, you have to also start working in order to earn something decent so that you don’t have to always depend on your man for money.

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#5. The pressure factor

Men especially don’t like to be pressured at all.

A man can easily give up on a woman he loves because she puts too much pressure on him.

When he is under so much pressure, he will eventually give up in staying in the relationship.

My sisters, do not be too demanding, it is by wanting too much that we (the men) lose the interest we have in you.

So accept what your man gives you, and do not ask for too much.

You have to accept the little your man gives you, after all, happiness is when you accept and enjoy the little you have.

Don’t make your man pay for expensive and costly things or put pressure on him, especially if the salary he earns from his job is meager.

A man needs freedom, give freedom to your darlings.

#6. Ultimatums

Men don’t like to be given ultimatums. An ultimatum is when you ask your man to do something by hook or crook within a specific time frame.

Let me give you an example: when you tell your man to change his behavior in just 3 days otherwise you are leaving him, that is an ultimatum!

This is just one example out of thousands that I have given you.

So even if your man is behaving badly, don’t give him an ultimatum.

I say this because men are authoritarian in nature and women are submissive in nature.

So when a woman gives her man an ultimatum, it is as if she is trying to dominate him, which will automatically freak him out.

It is that simple: men don’t like women who try dominate them. You must therefore know how to speak calmly to a man without giving him an ultimatum.

#7. Discuss what he thinks

Men don’t like women who refuse to do what they ask them to do.

A woman should respect her man. That is, she has to do what her man asks her to do.

But when she talks to him any how, he will find her disrespectful.

Even if your man is wrong, you need to find the right way to talk to him.

Always speak calmly and gently so that he can understand you and not argue with him.

My sister, if you want to succeed in your marriage, never forget that you are the woman and not the man.

Author: Counsellor Francis Pinwilliams (A marriage counselor).

Source: BieGyaNation.Com

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