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4 quick reasons why guys lose interest in relationships, dating

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Most often, couples in relationships, once burning with emotions and affection for each other, do begin to lose interest in the whole romance, suddenly.

This may be due to some reasons such as irritating habits like cheating, and a dozen of others.

Well, in this article, I wrote 4 common reasons why guys do lose interest in relationships. They’re listed as follows;


If he’s trying his best and you aren’t, it won’t take long before he starts to grow cold and distance himself from you.

Efforts don’t really have to be of the same magnitude, it just needs to be significant enough to be acknowledged.

Yeah, you have to give back. Or else, your relationship will look one-sided definitely, and his feelings might start to diminish.


You should often let your boyfriend know that you got his back, especially if he’s one who’s obviously striving harder to do right by you.

See, if your words and deeds don’t represent support or any interest in the things he perceive important, he will surely start feeling that you didn’t care about him, after all.

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Men are quite infamous for their inability to deal with women who cheat on them. Nobody does, but men are notoriously known for being more allergic to it.

That’s an irony though, as ladies have higher tendencies to forgive their men who cheat on them (the women).


There’s nothing else that makes men fed up more than regular disrespect from ladies.

Being disregarded and made to feel like a nonentity, having your authority questioned and being made to feel like your attention and personality doesn’t count that much, will always make the relationship not work.

Anyone of you is likely to walk out of the relationship under such circumstance as this. And most certainly, guys will surely be the first to quit. Thanks for reading!

Author: Counsellor Francis Pinwilliams — A marriage counselor.

Source: BieGyaNation.Com

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