The types of women who may never get married

4 types of women who may never get married & their answers

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There are different habits that may hinder a lady from getting married.

Well, I’m not going to talk about the “Habits” of a lady today but rather, the types or “Kinds” of Ladies that face late marriage or probably, No Marriage at all!

Here are the four classes of women that may not get married plus answers

1. The Perfect Lady

Here, the Perfect Lady does not imply that the Lady herself is perfect. But rather, their expectation of their dream man is too high that they keep being selective on the type of man that they want. Most times, the person they love may not like them, and the person that likes them, may not be their love. Those Perfect Ladies always want: A Tall, Rich, Caring, and Handsome man and if the lady is spiritual, she will be waiting for “God’s Will”. Any man that misses any of these four qualities ends up being rejected.

Their Problem: The problem such ladies face is that they end up loving the “Container” instead of the “Content”.

The Solution: Accommodate a man who possesses at least 50% of the qualities you desire, the rest will develop with love.

2. The Beautiful Lady

A beautiful lady is attractive to the eye of the beholder. They are victims of multiple relationships. Most guys that date beautiful ladies date them for fun. The attractiveness of a lady makes it difficult for her to keep herself for a man. This is because of temptation from other men, knocking left, right, and center.

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Their Problem: The problem beautiful ladies face is that no one really loves them for who they are but their beauty. Men doubt their ability to make a good home. This poses a threat for them to marry because most men consider a beautiful lady as a flirt.

The Solution: Have a picture of the kind of man you really want to marry. You are lucky that you are beautiful because you will get proposals from all kinds of men, so be ready to identify that man you will like to marry. Be loyal to him. He will be proud to marry you.

4 types of beautiful and perfect women.
Beautiful and Perfect Women

3. The Richman’s daughter

The rich man’s daughter depends heavily upon her father’s wealth. As far as she’s concerned, her father is her hero and no man can replace her father’s love and care. She believes that every man that is running after her is after her father’s wealth. So this makes them unattractive to men. Men are naturally proud and will not like to muddy their hard-earned reputation in such situations.

Their Problem: Most rich men’s daughters marry late or marry the wrong men.

The Solution: The Humility of a rich man’s daughter is her greatest weapon to attract a man. Men will naturally be drawn to you if you are humble. Your beauty is secondary.

4. The Career Woman

These ladies are hardworking, ambitious, and successful in life. They may be feminist. They are the champions of this saying, “What a man can do, a woman can do and even better”. Marriage is not their headache but their career.

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Their Problem: The problem of career women is time management. They run everything in life like a business even relationships. Secondly, they always want to be the Boss in all things and this poses a threat to men. The more masculine a lady becomes, the less attractive she is to a man. No man wants to marry another man.

The Solution: Every Career woman, cries in her closet. She prays for a man who will love and treat her like a woman. Your cry is over, woman! Simply be submissive at least to a man. Avoid arguments with him. And be More feminine in your outlook. These are what you need to make a man marry you.

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