Reasons Why People Don’t Prefer Weddings.

4 reasons why people don’t want to get married through weddings

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In modern times, the organization of wedding ceremonies have become an integral part of most societies across the globe.

It doesn’t matter where it is conducted; once it is officiated by a an ordained pastor in any registered Church, that is it!

Some societies don’t even consider or regard the union of a man and woman without a wedding as a proper marriage.

That notwithstanding, there is a also a growing number of people who just don’t like the idea of having a wedding at all.

Here are the reasons why;

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  1. Nowadays, most men and women give birth to kids even before they officially marry. And we all know the troubles that such children born out of wedlock can introduce into new marriages, don’t we? Armed with this thought — be it positive or negative — it becomes extremely difficult for some people to commit themselves to marriage through weddings. In other words, new partners in new marriages that have children born out of wedlock usually don’t want to get tied to anything through an official wedding.
  2. Just the fear of organizing an expensive wedding, only to breakup few months after that, is enough grounds for some people not harbour the intentions of wanting to perform a wedding ceremony.
  3. Marriages which are performed through weddings can be very tedious, energy-zapping moments, and requires a lot of sacrifice and commitment which many are not willing to entertain.
  4. Having a wedding in recent times is becoming more and more expensive than it used to be. This surely makes it hard for low income earners to think of having a wedding.

Source: George Awiadem Maclean | BieGyaNation.Com

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