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8 reasons why you should marry a girl with dimples

Did you know studies have shown that a whopping 90% of men are automatically attracted to women with dimples?

Yeah, that’s the stark reality, BieGyaNation.Com can confidently tell you!

It is interesting to note that dimples, which are known to be genetic defects, have become such an enviable deformity that girls of today are damn ready to have ‘fake dimples’ through a procedure known as “Dimpleplasty”. Amazing, isn’t it???!

Want to know everything about dimples? Check out the link below:

Facts about dimples, how they are formed & the new trend: ‘fake dimples’

Facts about dimples

BieGyaNation.Com presents to you 8 reasons why you must marry a girl with dimples.

1. Dimpled girls radiate beauty!

Without a shred of doubt, girls with dimples don’t struggle to look beautiful. And of course, since the ultimate dream of every man on earth is to marry a beautiful girl who will forever be the talk of the town, girls with dimples are such priceless creatures when it comes to marriage. Buddy, just go for her and never allow someone else to snatch her from you. ***Word***

Indian film actress Preity Zinta with dimples.
Indian film actress, Preity ZintaA

2. They are forever smiling, smiling, and ever smiling!

Have you ever spotted girls with dimples fight like wounded tigers in public before? I guess not. They take things a little easy with just a smile when the going gets tough. They hardly look sad or bored. For whatever reason, even when they are hungry, they don’t even look it. Guys, now be honest and tell me the truth about which one you’ll marry: is it that dimpled smiling girl or the ‘mumu’ girl with that horror face??? This is certainly one clear reason why you must find and marry a dimpled cheek woman.

Cute girl with dimples smiling.
Cute girl with dimples smiling

3. They produce beautiful families with beautiful off-springs!

Damn! According to Genetic Australia, if both parents have dimples, their children or off-springs have 50-100% chances of inheriting dimple genes.

And if only one parent has dimple genes, the chances of their children inheriting the genes are 50%. So what are you waiting for? Now just imagine the kind of beautiful family you will be having if you ever marry your dream girl who’s blessed with dimples. An awesome family, of course!

Indian Dimples Queen Anahita Hashemzadeh.
Cute Indian Dimples Queen, Anahita Hashemzadeh

4. Dimpled girls hardly frown at their suitors!

With that radiant smile on the face of a dimpled girl, you simply can’t go past her for any other. Never! Whether they smile or not, the dimples always look cute on them and as a result make them very attractive to men (suitors). Guys, for how long can you keep waiting before you’re given all the clues in the world to make that first bold move? Just go for that beautiful dimpled girl if she is within your reach right now and marry her. Thank me later.

Dimple is a deformity genetic defect.

5. Women with dimples are just fun loving creatures!

Research has shown that women with dimples are more outgoing, outward in nature, and fun loving creatures to be with. So you can be rest assured that marrying one won’t give you headaches in the future. They’re friendly and very adventurous. And they love to explore more in life.

Fun loving dimpled girl.

6. They give their all to have a blissful marriage

Guys, studies have shown that when you marry a woman who is blessed with dimples, you are very likely to have a blissful marriage. And that’s for sure. So guys, why the wait? Just go for her when she comes your way as she is definitely your future wife who will give you a trouble-free married life.

Dimple Indian actress Deepika Padukone.
Dimpled Indian actress, Deepika Padukone.

7. They’re very respectful & polite

Dimpled cheek girls hardly court troubles for themselves both in public and in private. And they hardly do same to their partners, too. They are very respectful and humble as well. They treat men the best way they can to make them happy. Just get it, guys: dimpled girls make perfect wives better than any other.

Dimple American actress Lauren London
Dimpled American actress, Lauren London

8. They are cool, calm, and always welcoming

Dimpled cheek girls who are single are forever ready to mingle with. So just go for her and never be afraid of anything. She is right there waiting for you with open and warmth arms. That’s their trait. They are never harsh and rough on guys who approach them. So what are you waiting for, guys?

Black African with dimples.

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