Simple like a Dimple!

Did you know dimples which make girls look beautiful are genetic defects? + Fake Dimples

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Without a shred of doubt, dimples on women in particular make them look extra beautiful & forever smiling creatures — a fact that cannot be denied. Never!

But has it ever occurred to you that those little beautifying indentations on the cheeks of both women/men are somewhat deformities or genetic defects?

Yes, they are! And yours truly BieGyaNation.Com will tell you why:

According to Genetic Australia, shortened facial muscles that cause dimples to occur on our cheeks, chin and lower back are in fact genetic defects.

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What this means is that when a person smiles, the shorter muscle on the face pulls up the facial skin which creates a slight depression in the skin resulting in a dimple. 

Genetic Australia continues to state that a single dimple on the cheek is a rare phenomenon. The general rule is that, dimples often occur on both sides of the cheeks.

Dimples are cute and attractive.
Dimples on the lower back

In simple terms, dimples are small indentations or hollow places created on the skin and are usually found on body parts that include cheeks, chin, and the lower back.

In effect, a dimple can best be described as a facial muscle deformity or a genetic defect of the skin on our cheeks, chin, or lower back. Unbelievable, huh???

So how are cheek dimples formed?

With little movements of the jaws, dimples occur on both sides of the cheeks when the underlying bone structure of the jaws develop with a depression in the centre.

When one smiles or there is a facial movement, the facial muscles that develop known as zygomaticus major, tend to grow incorrectly thus rendering a hole or gap between them (the muscles) on our cheeks or chin.

Fake dimples — the new trend among girls these days!

Can girls have ‘fake dimples’?

Yes, BieGyaNation.Com can boldly state!

It is interesting to note that dimples have become such an envious deformity or defect that many girls these days want to go for “fake dimples” through plastic surgery and it is known as “Dimpleplasty”!

Fake dimples the new trend.
Fake Dimples — the new trend

Dimpleplasty” is a simple procedure that is achieved by making a small incision and removing some amount of tissue right at the spot where the dimple will occur or be.

The newly created incision is stitched back with small a sling bringing together the skin and muscle thereby creating the ‘fake’ dimple.

What does Astrology say about dimples?

Interestingly, Astrology presents us with some good and bad sides of dimples.

According to Astrology, girls with dimples will not live to see their mothers-in-law and even if they (the mothers-in-law) are alive, they will only live just for a short while and die later. Interesting, huh?

The good side as Astrology tells us is that dimpled cheek girls or women don’t worry themselves about getting men of their dreams.

Simply put, 9 out of 10 dimpled cheek women will always get men of their dreams to live with.

Author: George Awiadem Maclean

Source: BieGyaNation.Com

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