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Video: Mad rush by Ghanaian girls for Mama Gee’s ‘Sweet Tonga’ Juju to charm men for money, cars, iPhones

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Some videos (watch the full video below) showing young Ghanaian girls queuing in a shop to buy some ‘Juju’ concoction to charm the men has popped up and causing a lot of buzz among users on social media.

The owner or seller of the love charm has been identified as one Elizabeth Torgbor who’s popularly known as Mama Gee.

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The ‘Sweet Tonga’ Juju or potion is believed by most Ghanaian girls to make the men who fall into their trap to dish out, without reasoning, all sorts of expensive things including: money, cars, iPhones, mansions, etc.

The love charm, as understood by BieGyaNation.Com, is also widely believed among the girls to make their ‘Tongas’ very sweet, tight and irresistible by the men who fall in love with them.

Some others also believe the love charm has the ability to make the girls snatch the husbands of other women too easily.

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All the girls in the video who look very young take their turns to make payment to Mama Gee for their choice of the charm concoction.



Until now, it had only remained as rumours among many Ghanaians that most of the young girls these days have made it their business to go in for some ‘juju’ or charm medicine to hypnotize the men who have sex with them so that they (the girls) can, in return, get a lot of cash and very expensive things.

Source: BieGyaNation.Com

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