Elephant facts you didn't know

9 amazing facts about Elephants you didn’t know (See photos inside)

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Elephants are by far the known largest existing land animals anyone can ever think of.

They are mammals who come from the family of Elephantidae.

Elephants are such intelligent animals most of them do their things as if they are human beings.

The African continent is known to house more elephants than South & Southeast Asia. Comparatively, African Elephants are larger in terms of size than that of Asia.

It is just unfortunate that some brainless thugs & crooks on the African continent would treat such intelligent animals badly by poaching and k!lling them, and taking away their ivory tusks for export to Asia for money.

BieGyaNation.Com only wishes that such beautiful human friendly animals will be protected at all times in order to save them from extinct.

Now check out the 9 facts about Elephants you probably didn’t know.

1. Elephants are among the World’s most intelligent and emotional creatures – They have been known to save other animals that are in dire need of help, such as trapped dogs and humans.

Elephants are intelligent to save trapped animals.
An Elephant intelligently trying to save another. Credit: WTF Fun Fact

2. Elephants’ brains react to humans the same way that humans’ brains react to puppies. They think we are cute.

Elephants intelligent to read the human brain.
An Elephant with a tourist

3. Elephants can die of a broken heart if a mate dies. They won’t eat and will lay down shedding tears until they starve to death.

Elephants also suffers from broken heart just like humans.
Elephants showing love

4. Considered photo of the century. Elephant saves the life of cub of a Lioness – A lioness and her cub were crossing the Savannah but the heat was excessive and the puppy was in great difficulty walking. The elephant realized that the cub could die so had to carry him in his trunk to a pool of water some miles away. And walking beside the Elephant was the cub’s mother. Isn’t that GREATNESS???! Nature is just awesome!

Elephant helps carry Lion's curb in his trunk.
Photo of the century: An Elephant helps carry a Lioness’ curb in his trunk.

5. Yeah! The penalty for k!lling an Elephant in Sri Lanka is death unlike some other countries in Africa.

Elephants in Sri Lanka
Elephants laws in Sri Lanka. Credit: WTF Fun Fact

6. Elephants are compassionate toward the weak and altruistic toward other species.

Elephants are compassionate towards the weak.
Elephants are compassionate towards the weak. Credit: WTF Fun Fact

7. Due to their skeletal structure, Elephants aren’t meant to carry heavy weight on their backs. Most of their strength is in their neck and many elephants end up with deformed / broken backs as a result of carrying tourists around for years.

Elephants and their backs.
An Elephant carrying tourists. Credit: WTF Fun Fact

8. Elephants bury their dead and will revisit graves generations later. They have even been known to bury humans that have passed away.

Elephant trying to dig
An Elephant trying to dig

9. African and Asian Elephant compared:

The difference between African and Asian elephants.
The difference between African and Asian elephants

Source: BieGyaNation.Com

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