Vice-president Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

You play too much, Bawumia! Be serious for once & snap out of the acrobatic campaign mode!

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After almost three years of governance, any discerning mind out there would have expected vice-president Bawumia to have snapped out of the acrobatic 2016 campaign mode but, NOPE?!

BieGyaNation.Com is even surprised, that vice-president Bawumia has yet to wake up to reality, and be hit with the fact that the ‘artificially-induced excitement’ or euphoria that usually comes with being in opposition whilst firing and ridiculing the government of the day, and such resonating with discerning minds has long ago died and gotten buried, no?.

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Yours truly BieGyaNation.Com has, for some time now, observed the absurd and illogically illogical justifications vice-president Bawumia make anytime Ghanaians (or is it just the NDC people?) complain of hardship, the consistent cedi depreciation , or an obnoxious increase in utility prices by his own government that promised to reduce same when they were in opposition.

The recent one is his unreasonably & unjustifiably unjustifiable justification he made at the launch of 4 new initiatives piloted by the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), Ghana in Accra on October 2nd, 2019.

Listen to him recite and pour out his usual poem of justification for the recent increments in the prices of petrol, LPG (gas), Communication Service Tax (3% + 6%=9%), water (2.22%), and electricity (5.94%) making the month of October to be tagged as the ‘incremental’ month.

“…just the last four years of the NDC government, the cumulative increase in electricity tariffs was 166%.
When you take the total cumulative increase on the average between 2017 and now, you have accumulative decrease of about 5%. So it is still boot for chale-wote when you come to electricity pricing,” Bawumia justified.

Seriously? Bra ofa vice-president Bawumia ‘paaa’?

Arghh, and you were happy to announce such weak and worn-out justification which even took the shine out of the importance of the launch of the program??? Damn!

We play too much in Ghana ‘koraaa do do’, why?

It is only in Ghana that a whole a vice-president can justify a worsening case with a worse case and magically conclude that his worsening case is far better than the worse case he claims to be solving or has solved, and yet get some problematically programmed concert party human beings to applaud him for that. Hahahaha….!

Massa, if know you can’t carry your own “baggage of promises”, simply tell Ghanaians that you tricked yourself into thinking that the ‘real job’ — not the comically acrobatic campaign-like mode one — was that easy to do but not at all, and stop using the so-called incompetent John Mahama and his NDC as a cover for your incompetence.

Massa, is the incompetent John Mahama and his NDC the only people living in Ghana?

‘Sε wo ntumi nsoa wo noama a, wo se wo kεhyire nyε. Yε adwuma no na gyae saa wo ly-ly noa wo yε no. Me deε kyerε ma me mε sen nko wae. mtchewwwww’.

Ghanaians voted for you to solve their problems, not to be comparing your so-called competent self with your incompetent John Mahama and his NDC.

By the way, bra ofa vice-president Bawumia, when did the incompetent John Mahama and his NDC become your standard or yardstick with which you measure your so-called competent success today? When? Just tell me.

So you don’t have your own competent standard to measure your success with, anymore?

And does it even make sense to compare your competent self to an incompetent person??

Wooow! It is only in Ghana that such illogicality can drum for people to gyrate to.

This is just to give you a clue if the reality on the ground hasn’t hit you yet, vice-president Bawumia:

Simply pretend that you’re no more the vice-president of Ghana who enjoys those unreasonable & unthinkable allowances, fat salary, free V8s ride, free but expensive food & water, free traffic flow, free security, free travelling expenses, free accommodation, free everything, and the reality will hit you like tsunami.

Bra ofa vice-president Bawumia eeei, at least, your comical justifications would have even stood if your competent self had been able to maintain — just even forget about reducing or reversing to normalcy — the hardship you claimed in opposition that the incompetent John Mahama and his NDC had brought upon Ghanaians, and not worsen it (the hardship) and still come and waste everybody’s time with your unreasonable justification(s).

We (the discerning minds) are tired of being bombarded with these lacklustre jokes of yours. Mtcheeewwwww!

Please spare us that and allow us to adjust ourselves to the recent increments in utility prices ‘wae’.

Clearly, what you are doing is a case of an incompetent person trying so hard to hide behind or find an incompetent reason to justify his incompetence. That is it!

Massa, if you know you are not ready to do any serious business that will affect the suffering masses in Ghana positively, kindly go and join the Key Soap Concert Party guys and do your jokes there ‘wae, na afei de3 y’abr3 wo ne wo ‘comical acrobatic justifications’ no wae’. Mtcheewwwwww.

Yours Truly, BieGyaNation.Com

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