Purchase all toilet roll from local manufacturers - Vice-president Bawumia

Thumbs up, Vice-president Bawumia for a good work done. This is what we need, not the ‘useless’ things

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The Vice-President of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has done a great job by directing all public institutions to purchase only made in Ghana toilet roll come the next procurement cycle.

And BieGyaNation.Com can’t help but applaud him for a great job done even though we are well aware that, this is his job and it is for this reason that we pay him at the end of every month.

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Now this is what BieGyaNation.Com has been talking about:

if you do well as a government, we will let the whole world know about it, and if you do anything bogus or ‘wajaja’, we shall surely let the world hear about it.

‘Good directives’ such as this that promotes local industries is what any discerning citizen expects from the government he/she voted for.

And you don’t need rocket science to understand that when local industries grow, they offer a lot of employment opportunities for the teeming unemployed youth out there who at anytime could be a security threat to the country.

BieGyaNation.Com’s only hope is that these local companies will also apply common sense in having a healthy competition against each other, and not exhibit the usual stup!d ‘pull-him-down’ attitude.

And we also hope, that the government will follow its own directives by patronizing local industries and not only tell the ‘other Ghanaians’ while they sh*t with foreign toilet roll.

Mr Bawumia gave this directive when he toured the facilities of Brompton Portfolio’s toilet paper manufacturing factory that is located at the Nsawam Prisons in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The factory employs the labour of the prisoners in a profit-sharing arrangement under the One District One Factory Initiative.

Vice-president Bawumia touring Brompton Portfolio’s toilet paper manufacturing factory at Nsawam Prisons in the Eastern Region.
Vice-president Bawumia inspecting the toilet paper at Brompton Portfolio toilet paper manufacturing factory, Nsawam Prisons in the Eastern Region

According to Dr. Bawumia, government’s insistence on this procurement directive, is as a result of the success of the ‘One District, One Factory’ initiative that has led to the setting up of several factories in different sectors of the economy boosting local capacity which can meet local demand.

A case in point is when Mr Bawumia last month unveiled West Africa’s largest fertilizer blending factory at Asuboi whose production, together with four other factories, far outstrips Ghana’s annual fertilizer demand of 600,000 metric tones, a large percentage of which is imported.

Currently under  the 1D1F initiative, 5 more toilet paper production factories have been set up making it 14 in total for the country.

The import bill for toilet rolls last year was $70 million, with imports from countries as far as Vietnam, Honduras, Panama, Bahamas and the Marshall Islands. 

Addressing the media, vice-president Bawumia indicated that the 1D1F initiative is one of the pillars for President Nana Akufo-Addo’s industrialisation agenda.

He said:

“We know that in this country we have a huge dependence on imports and so the import bill tends to be very high and we rather export a lot of our primary commodities. The vision of the President is for us to move away from the export of the primary commodities to the manufacturing of these commodities and this is the background for the 1D1F initiative. And once we do that we can save on scarce foreign exchange, we can grow local industries and we’re able to create jobs. These are three critical advantages of one District one factory.
“When we came into office there were nine companies existing which engaged in toilet roll manufacturing. Since then, in the last two-and-a-half years we’ve added five additional factories. So the number of factories that produce toilet rolls has increased by about 50% which is very significant.”

Source: George Awaidem Maclean / BieGyaNation.Com


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