Jayso Biography, INSET: BET award winner, Sarkodie

Meet Jayso: Producer of Sarkodie’s hip hop banger “Borga”, Age, Music Career, CEO & Founder of Skillions

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Jayso Biography

Born Paul Nuamah Donkor, Jayso is a Ghanaian record producer, rapper, singer, songwriter, and sound engineer.

The hardcore Ghanaian hip hop artiste doubles as the CEO and founder of Skillions Records.

Jayso who manages a band that specializes in Jazz music is best known for producing about 70% of Sarkodie’s successful debut album titled “Makye”.

One of the tracks on the “Makye” album that shot Jayso into the limelight was “Borga” which generated a lot of controversy between Ghanaians abroad and Sarkodie.

Age & date of birth

The Ghanaian hip hop artiste, Jayso was born on Wednesday, June 1st, 1983.

He is currently 36 years of age and will be 37 soon in June this year (2020).

Early Life & Music Career

Jayso’s interest in hip hop music was inspired by international acts like Das Efx, Tribe Called Quest, Nat King Cole, and Frank Sinatra.

After years of honing his skills home, Jayso decided to take it a step further by starting a group which became known as the Skillions — Skills in a Million.

He first started the Skillions with his school mate, Terry Thomas Tetteyfio aka T- Kube in 1999 whilst they were both in Presbyterian Boys Secondary High School, Legon, Accra.

T- Kube left Ghana for the UK in 2002 while in high school leaving Jayso to his fate.

Jayso abandoned his own Skillions group and joined The Haatsville Project that comprised JPE (now Kobi Onyame), Mr. Scratch, and The Canz.

It was out of this group that the idea of producing hip hip beats dawned on him.

The group released their first production in 2002 titled the “Haatsville Project” with the entire production handled by JPE and Jayso.

Somewhere along the line, Jayso decided to restart the Skillions by recruiting Ball J, Jinx Therapy (now Frank P) as the original members of the Skillions, and later joined by the likes of EL, Midnight, J-Town, KP, and Sandyswiz.

The Skillions released their first major 21-track mixtape banger in 2002 titled the “Skillions Demotapes” — the first of its kind in Ghana (GH) — which created some buzz reaching as far as Nigeria.

The mixtape was recorded in the room of Jayso which had been turned into a makeshift bedroom studio.

The Skillions gave birth to what became known as “GH-RAP movement” defined as Hiphop music made in Ghana.

Jayso right from the beginning distinguished between the two — Hiplife & his GH-RAP movement.

According to the rapper, whereas Hiplife is a genre of music, GHRAP was the kind of Hiphop beats with rap/singing in English or Pidgin done by the Skillions.

All the members of the Skillions went their separate ways to do their solo projects after the success of their “Skillions Demotapes” mixtape.

Jayso formed a new generation of Skillions that comprised Lil Shaker, Rumour, Kevin Beats, Graffik, Killmatic, Padlock, Sandra, Gemini, Nobel, and Joey B.

Their first major release under the supervision of Jayso was ‘The Skillions New Generation Mixtape‘ which had hit songs like: ‘Hood’, ‘Alert’, ‘Facebook Girl and Boy“, and ‘I No Dey Biz’.

Top artistes Jayso as a record producer has worked with

Jayso has contributed a lot to the progress and development of the music industry in Africa and on the international scene.

Jayso is responsible for the success of Sarkodie producing about 70% of his maiden album, “Makye” — which included the ever popular “Borga” song,

He has worked with hip hop legends Wyclef Jean and UK’s Sway Dasafo,

Locally, he has produced works for the likes of SarkodieM.anifestR2BeesEfyaKwaw Kese, Afro Rock Band Dark Suburb, VIP, Reggie Rockstone, ASEM, among others.

Jayso also produced tracks for Nigerian bigwigs like 2Baba (Tuface Idibia), Ikechukwu, Naeto-C, Gabon’s Baponga, and Scientific from Liberia,.   

On his own, Jayso released his first album titled ‘Making Tasha Proud‘ on December 10th, 2015.

He followed it up with Vol 1 in 2016, Vol 2 in 2017, and Vol 3 in 2018.

Jayso Official Twitter Account:

@jaysoskillions  or https://twitter.com/jaysoskillions

Jayso Official Instagram Account:

@jaysoskillions  or  https://www.instagram.com/jaysoskillions/

Jayso Official Facebook Account:

@jayso.skillions  or  https://facebook.com/jayso.skillion/

Source: George Awiadem Maclean | BieGyaNation.Com

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