Umaru Sanda Amadu "the cowboy" now a Citi Fm/TV journalist

From Grass 2 Grace: The touching story of how a cowboy, Umaru Sanda Amadu became a journalist at Citi Fm/TV

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Citi TV&FM journalist, Umaru Sanda Amadu has shared a very touching story about a young man who sacrificed his life for him (Umaru) to complete and obtain his senior high school certificate.

According to Umaru, but for the life of the young man named Doe who was brought in as “Nyi kplorvi” (an Ewe cowboy) by his (Umaru) mother to take care of their cattle, it was totally impossible for him (Umaru) to further his education to the senior high school level and therefore be where he is today.

Mr Umaru has promised to reciprocate the ‘good’ Doe did for him some years ago.

Umaru Sanda Amadu is a journalist with Citi FM/TV. He was honoured at the 2012 Radio for Peace-building Awards held in Rwanda for his radio documentary titled “The Fulani Revealed.”

Read the full story as shared by Umaru Sanda Amadu about his “cowboy” saviour:

Cowboy Umaru Sanda Amadu with herdsman Doe
LEFT: Young Umaru Sanda as herdsman; MIDDLE: Umaru Sanda with Doe (the young man who sacrificed his life for him); RIGHT: young herdsman Umaru Sanda extracting milk from a cow

I spent my annual leave (the past 2 weeks) tracking down the young man in this photo. He is my Personal Savior.

When I finished JSS in 2003, I had no way forward than to remain as a cowboy and take care of the family cattle.

My dad was taking care of our master’s cattle and I was herding ours. Senior High School was impossible.

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One day, I cried to my mum to go get me a “Nyi kplorvi” (an Ewe cowboy). My mum embarked on that mission to the Volta Region and returned with Doe. He was barely a teenager then but was sent by his parents on this “slave mission” as was common then.

Doe was to take care of the cattle for 4 years after which he would earn a calf. He got his calf. I got my SSS Certificate. At the time, I was benefitting from child slavery without knowing it.

Today, I know. And with regret written all over my face, I went on a mission to find him. To my pleasant surprise, Doe’s calf has not only multiplied, he has also obtained a Senior Technical School Certificate.

In addition, he has learnt to be an electrician, a plumber and a barber. I’ve asked him to draw a future plan and let me know what I can do to help. This boy became dirty, so I may become clean. I can’t thank him enough. #CowboyDiaries #CommunityChild #MotivateThem

Source: George Awiadem Maclean | BieGyaNation.Com

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