Criss Waddle mocks Archipalago over the 'Megye' song Youtube dislikes

Criss Waddle mocks Archipalago for him to open fire: ‘Wo maame tw3’, you stole my term #BieGya for your biggest hit, pay me or I…

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CEO of AMG Business, Criss Waddle has once more reignited his ‘beef’ with social media maverick, Archipalago, and social media is already boiling over this issue.

Archipalago, who has been one of the hardest critics of others’ music, just released his new single titled ‘Megye’ featuring Obanje on Youtube (on September 1, 2019), and currently, the song seems to be getting more ‘dislikes’ than that of ‘likes’.

Also watch Archipalago’s last warning message to Criss Waddle:

The ‘Megye’ song on Youtube currently has over 48,000 views; 1,200 comments; with 760 likes and over 9,500 dislikes. (See the link below for more)

Watch & Listen: Archipalago ft. Obanje – Megye (Official Song…

Criss Waddle, who has for some time now not had any ‘beef’ with Archipalago, saw this and took a swipe at him (Archipalago) first on facebook.

He wrote:

her Archipalago your new song for YouTube no, the dislikes be 1.3k way the likes be ONLY 214….abi na u think say music Be comedy eh…kwasia Banku #fane10 #AMGBUSiNESS

Archipalago, who did not take kindly to Criss Waddle’s post about his plenty “Youtube dislikes” on facebook, had these strong words for the ‘King Kong’ hitmaker:

Kwaku you change your diapers finish??? Wo maame tw3m… this is a just curtain raiser wait for the main event plus music no be comedy but u stole my infamous term #BieGya for biggest hit since you started music and I no collect u nothing aight everywhere I go see you u go smell some motherfuckin pepper either u pay me or i beat your motherfuckin ass!!! #FaNe10

And it seems like the AMG Business CEO doesn’t want social media users to sleep at all as he has mocked Archipalago again by saying the latter’s song k!lled former Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe.

In his new post, he wrote:

Archipalago your foolish song killed Robert Mugabe ??? why did you do that to us?? Foorish boy ??? u think say music be gyemie ??? we will give you 5k dislikes before today ends #AMGBUSiNESS #megye.

Source: BieGyaNation.Com

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