Ghanaian actress, Benedicta Gafah

Showdown: Benedicta Gafah goes to court to face her husband over assault case, travelling passport of husband seized

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Contrary to earlier reports, Yours Truly BieGyaNation.Com can confirm to you that ‘Kumawood’ screen goddess, Benedicta Gafah is still legally married to her 45-year-old Kumasi-based business tycoon, Mr Charles Asomadu Gyembibi who her to pulp some 4 years ago (2014-2015). See the photo below.

The two were in court today over Mr. Charles’ assault of his legally married wife and actress, Benedicta Gafah.

The Kumasi High Court four(4) presided over by his Lordship, Ali Babature seized the traveling passport of the 45-year-old alleged wife b.eater, Mr Charles Asomadu Gyembibi to prevent him from traveling outside the country.

Benedicta Gafah said in court today that she did not know her husband, Mr Charles Asomadu Gyembibi was already a legally married man.

Exclusive information available to BieGyaNation.Com indicates, that actress Benedicta Gafah and Mr Charles Asomadu Gyembibi ‘secretly’ went to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) marriage court and signed and sealed their marriage agreement (papers) and thereafter, happily lived as legally married couple (husband and wife).

However, barely two months into their new marriage in Kumasi, the other legally married wife of Mr Charles Asomadu Gyembibi who has two kids with him and based in the United States of America, got wind of her husband’s affair with the actress in Kumasi.

After getting to know of her husband’s relationship with the actress, the US-based legally married wife of Mr Charles Asomadu Gyembibi personally called Benedicta Gafah and told her everything she (Benedicta Gafah) needed to know.

Benedicta Gafah after knowing this ‘revelation’ wanted to opt out of their barely 2-month-old marriage but her husband, Mr Charles Asomadu Gyembibi was never ready to let her go.

Mr Charles Asomadu Gyembibi, instead ab.used and his new wife Benedicta Gafah to pulp when she wanted separation from him.

Sad face of Benedicta Gafah after her husband beats her in Kumasi.
Sad face of Benedicta Gafah after her husband had b.eaten her for asking for divorce

Miss Benedicta after being b.eaten made a report to the police and the case was sent to court 4 years ago.

Benedicta’s husband, Mr Charles Asomadu Gyembibi travelled outside the country when the case was sent to court and was ‘nowhere to be found’ to face the full rigours of the law.

Mr Charles Asomadu Gyembibi only recently returned to Ghana four years after his alleged assault on his wife, Benedicta Gafah to face her in court.

He is currently under interrogation by the Ghana Police.

Checks made by BieGyaNation.Com reveal that the two — Benedicta Gafah & Mr Charles Asomadu Gyembibi — are still legally married and have yet to officially divorce.

Source: George Awiadem Maclean | BieGyaNation.Com

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