Report wives who wear tight jeans to deny you $ex to the Police…

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The Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU), Ghana Police, has issued out a warning to wives who intentionally wear tight jeans at night just to deny their husbands $ex.

What the unit wants all husbands across the country do is to report their ‘recalcitrant’ wives to the Police so that they (DOVVSU) can deal with them.

Mr George Appiah-Sakyi, who is the Central Regional Coordinator of DOVVSU pointed out that wives who consistently deny their husbands $ex amounts to emotional abuse.

He stated:

“Denying your spouse $ex amounted to emotional abuse.
“If your wife wears tight jeans to sleep and that causes you emotional abuse, it’s an offence and you can report her to DOVVSU.”

Mr George Appiah-Sakyi who made this known at a meeting with leaders of churches in the Cape Coast Metropolis on terrorism and other security issues, also added that the wives too can make a report to DOVSU if their husbands refuse to eat food they have spent time to prepare.

He noted that emotional abuses were also offences punishable under the Domestic Violence Act 732 of 2007.

“If your husbands refuse to eat your food and make you unhappy and causes you emotional pain, you can also report them to the police.
“If your husband comes home late and causes you to be unhappy you can make a case at DOVSSU.”

The other forms of abuses he stressed on include but not limited to: Economic abuse, Child neglect, and Punishment.

Source: BieGyaNation.Com

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