Ghanaian nusdist Shugatiti and international pornstar King Nasir

Where to watch the Shugatiti vs King Nasir leaked sextape video?

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Shugatiti vs Nasir: all you need to know and how it started

In February, 2023, Shugatiti granted Ghanaian publisher Zionfelix an interview in which she revealed that no man had ever satisfied her in bed as she has never had any 0rga$m in her s*x life before.

“You can’t satisfy me, I have never cu.m in my life, I don’t get 0rga$ms.

“I asked my doctor, and he said it was normal because not all women will get 0rga$ms. So for me, I don’t get 0rga$ms; so pleasing me is out, you just have to match up with the energy till we get tired.

“I enjoy having s*x; I get so we.t; I enjoy the pen.etr@tion and how things are moving in and out. I also enjoy long hours, like the whole day. Me, I don’t get tired.

“The honest truth is that all the people I have made out with match up with my energy,” the Ghanaian nudist disclosed.

Who is Shugatiti?

Born Abena Serwaa Frimpong Manso, Shugatiti is a Ghanaian model, actress, video vixen, nudist, influencer, and professional ‘Ashawo’.

She gained popularity for her provocative dressing style and sensual performances on social media.

King Nasir responds to help Shugatiti to reach orgasm

From nowhere and in response to Shugatiti’s cry, popular American p0rnstar, King Nasir, on Wednesday, 1st March, 2023, took to Twitter to send an invitation to the Ghanaian nu.dist to help her reach 0rga$m.

“I can help her have an orgasm,” King Nasir wrote on Twitter.

King Nasir’s tweet, which went viral, generated wild reactions and conversions amongst tweeps (or Twitter users), who were eager to see a possible clash between Shugatiti and King Nasir in a p0rn video.

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Shugatiti biography

Things actually got out of hand when Shugatiti also responded to King Nasir’s message with a stern warning that he (King Nasir) was going to die if they ever had a se.xual bout.

“Remember p0rnstars act according to script haaaa this is no movie @KingNasirXXX don’t do and die it’s a warning oooo,” Shugatiti replied.

King Nasir arrives in Ghana to film a porn video with Shugatiti

With a heightened interest amongst many Ghanaian Twitter users to witness a real clash between the two in a never-seen-before s3xual bout, King Nasir initiated the first move by setting up a fund raiser that was going to be used to support the live broadcast of their s3xual bout.

“I didn’t expressly plan on going to Ghana, but once this got to be as huge as it got and we started trending, it kind of derailed my initial intentions.

“Now, I’m not opposed to traveling to Ghana first. I had previously planned to travel to Africa,” King Nasir revealed in an interview with Zionfelix.

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Zionfelix biography

There was even a rumour that suggested that King Nasir had indeed arrived in Ghana for their s3xual bout to begin.

Shugatiti introduces Ghanaian rapper Gambo, King Nasir reacts

Shugatiti, for whatever reason, introduced Ghanaian rapper, Gambo, to the whole conversation at some point in time by asking her followers on Twitter to choose between him (Gambo) and King Nasir.

“Ohk let’s settle this @gambo_ii or @KingNasirXXX”.

This infuriated King Nasir who responded by writing:

“There’s nothing to settle, he can have you… I don’t wanna date you. The only reason I’m entertaining this is to prove I can make you orgasm since you publicly claimed you’ve never had one in your entire life”.

A heated argument ensued between the two when Shugatiti outrageously charged a whopping $2,000,000 before she would engage in any s3xual bout with King Nasir.

King Nasir, who didn’t take kindly to this, said Shugatiti didn’t deserve that amount of money after realizing that she had a weak pu$$y.

King Nasir tweeted: “Y’all got sis out here thinking that I don’t pay sex workers??”

Shugatiti replied: “Give me 2million dollars@KingNasirXXX.”

King Nasir replied her: “2 million for that weak ass pu$$y? Be fr.”

King Nasir added once more: “We saw your leaked s3x tape sis, it was trash.”

Shugatiti blocks King Nasir on Twitter (now X)

Feeling so disrespected and dehumanized by the remaks of the international p0rnstar King Nasir, Shugatiti just didn’t want any further tweets from the international pornstar King Nasir.

Shugatiti would later go ahead to block King Nasir for insulting her that she had a weak pu$$y.

Where to watch the Shugatiti vs King Nasir leaked sextape video?

Folks, that is it! There never was any sextape/porn video between the Ghanaian nu.dist Shugatiti and the p0rnstar King Nasir.

Shugatiti ended the whole conversion when she demanded a whopping $20,000,000 from King Nasir before she would sleep with him and have fans all over the world to watch it live. 

Source: George Awiadem Maclean, BieGyaNation.Com

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