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R. Kelly Sues Prison Officials For Allegedly Leaking Information to YouTube Host

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Singer R. Kelly has filed a lawsuit against three prison officials whom he claims have leaked information about him to a blogger, who then proceeded to share the details about him online.

Kelly alleges that the prison officials partnered up with Tasha K to air his dirty laundry while he was in custody.

Kelly Sues Prison Officials For Leaking His Information

According to court documents, the embattled RnB singer R. Kelly has hit three prison officials with a lawsuit claiming that they conspired with blogger Tasha K to reveal details about him while he was in police custody in Chicago.

The three unnamed officials allegedly accessed their internal system, which had a record of what Kelly was up to during the period he was within their walls. These included the singer’s private calls, visitor logs, email correspondence, and more.

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R. Kelly

According to Kelly and his lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, the prison officials had an agreement with Tasha to give the blogger Information on him in exchange for money.

Tasha has since spoken out on the issue, denying being in collusion with prison officials to extract information on R. Kelly. According to the blogger, she was not involved in any illegal activity relating to the singer.

Kelly Says The Blogger Hurt His Reputation

According to reports, R. Kelly believes that the information allegedly given to Tasha by the prison officials afforded her the ability to share unflattering details about him online.

According to the disgraced singer, Tasha and the three prison officials’ alleged actions were an invasion of privacy, greatly harmed his reputation, and caused him emotional distress.

Kelly, who is suing for damages, also accused the U.S. government of negligence, claiming it allowed prison personnel to allegedly have access to his private information and share it.

The singer’s claims date as far back as 2019. Following his conviction in his Chicago case, Kelly was relocated to the federal prison facility in North Carolina to serve his sentence.

Source: The Blast.Com

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