Kranium, Jamaican Dancehall & Reggae artist

I will be in Ghana this December just to fù⊂k Ghanaian girls – Kranium stirs controversy

Jamaican artiste, Kranium has stoked the biggest controversy yet among Ghanaians.

According to the Dancehall & Reggae artiste who will soon be arriving in Ghana in December to give some performances, his main objective is to fù⊂k and fù⊂k the Ghanaian ladies around.

The “Boo’d Up” & “Nobody Has To Know” hitmaker also added, that he wants to simply fù⊂k and move on to his next destination, and not have anything to do with the Ghanaians girls he would fÜ⊂king upon his arrival.

This is what Kranium shared on his Twitter account:

” I’m a be in Ghana for a week in December and the truth is I just wanna fù⊂k I don’t wanna fall In love #incharge#towhomitmayconcern “

Kranium Jamaican dancehall reggae artist visits Ghana ladies twitter.
What Kranium wrote on his Twitter account

And the question Yours Truly BieGyaNation.Com wants to ask is, are Ghanaians girls that cheap?

Source: George Awiadem Maclean | BieGyaNation.Com

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