Fameye compensated GH¢25k by Fuel Station for filling his car with adulterated fuel

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Ghanaian hiplife musician, Fameye is a happy man after a fuel station that filled his car with substandard fuel compensated him with GH¢25,000.

The incident which occurred on March 15, 2023, affected the engine of his Honda Pilot 2019 model.

Expressing his frustration in a series of tweets, “The Nothing I Get” singer said the Fuel station had sold him fuel that was mixed with water.

Fameye recounted his ordeal when he appeared on TV3 New Day on Tuesday morning.

According to him, he had wanted to fill up his vehicle in preparation for a show in Kumasi.

However, a few minutes after leaving the fuel station, his car started jerking, and he continued to drive until it stopped at a roundabout.

“So I had a show at Kumasi on the 12th of March so on Saturday, I had wanted to go and fill my tank so that at midnight, I move with my team because I drive everywhere.”

“So I realized like five minutes after I left [the filling station] it started jerking, but I don’t know too much about cars so I was wondering why. So I continued driving until the car stopped at a roundabout,” he told Roland Walker and Berla on the show.

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It was later discovered that the fuel he purchased was diluted with water, which affected his car’s engine. Although his car has now been fixed, Fameye expressed his disappointment and sadness over the entire situation.

The fuel station involved in the incident has since compensated Fameye with GHC25,000 for the damages caused to his vehicle.

Fuel adulteration has become a widespread problem in Ghana, with reports of stations mixing fuel with water, kerosene, or other chemicals to increase their profit margins.

In the past, the National Petroleum Authority has clamped down on fuel stations caught in the act but the trend continues to be on the rise.

The unscrupulous practice by these fuel stations not only damages vehicles but also poses a severe risk to human life and the environment.

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