Prince 'The Buzz' Larbie Biography

Meet Prince ‘The Buzz’ Larbie: the world’s youngest & fastest 7-year-old boxer with 28 wins, no losses

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Prince ‘The Buzz’ Larbie Biography:

Prince Larbie aka ‘The Buzz’ is the youngest Ghanaian boxing sensation destroying every opponent  in his path.

The 7-year-old Ghanaian boxer is always poised for action and already, the young chap has his eye set on a world title.

Prince ‘The Buzz’ Larbie has an impressive record of 28 wins, no losses or draws.

The legendary Professor Azumah Nelson has already fallen in love with the skills and antics of young boxer Prince Larbie.

Prince ‘The Buzz’ Larbie Parents, Hometown, Primary school education

Prince Larbie was born to Mr Daniel Larbie and Mrs Matilda Ahiadu in Accra, Ghana.

Young Prince Larbie hails from Jamestown, Bukom where our very own and popular Bukom Banku comes from.

He attends Kiddie Class Education Centre in Mamprobi in Accra, Ghana.

Prince ‘The Buzz’ Larbie Boxing Career

Prince Larbie started boxing in 2018 at the age of 3 and has since not looked back.

He caught the attention of the world of boxing after thrashing his ‘senior brother’ in a boxing ring in a fierce battle that came off on Saturday, November 9th, 2019 at the Jollof Rave in Accra.

7-year-old Prince Larbie at the time unleashed some heavy punches on his colleague amateur boxer who appeared far older than him.

Prince The Buzz Larbie training with dad Daniel Larbie
Prince ‘The Buzz’ Larbie training with his dad, Daniel Larbie at the Will Power Boxing Gym in Jamestown, Bukom

He currently dominates juvenile boxing in Ghana and has so far won every fight that has come his way.

In just a minute, the ‘Prince’ of boxing is able to throw about 150 straight punches that can simply daze his toughest opponent, and possibly land him (his opponent) somewhere outside the boxing ring.

According to the father and trainer of Prince Larbie, his son started showing his boxing prowess at the age of three.

Prince trains at the Will Power Boxing Gym in Jamestown in the famous Odododiodio constituency in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana

Prince ’The Buzz’ Larbie Soon to become a world champion?

Young as he is, Prince Larbie strongly believes he would in the next 10 years become a world champion.

According to his father and trainer Daniel Larbie, Prince ‘The Buzz’ Larbie will win a world title by age 19.

Daniel Larbie is hopeful his boxing prodigy, Prince Larbie would make an Olympic Games appearance by age 14 before turning professional by 17 years.

In an interview with BBC, Prince ‘The Buzz’ Larbie revealed:

“Boxing is my life, when I grow up one day I want to be WBC champion.”

He has also prophesied in one of his Instagram posts that he will become a global phenomenon.

“I am going to be the BIGGEST GLOBAL PHENOMENON from the Motherland.

“Wealth for My People will be The Fruits of My Labour!”

In another post, Prince Larbie disclosed:

“I WILL become a World 🌍 CHAMPION and I will DEFEAT anybody that stands in my way!

“I don’t intend to hurt or make any of my fellow warriors cry but WINNING isn’t an option… its a MUST!

“My nation’s PAIN lies DEEP within my EYES, so I STRIKE with the FORCE of a TRILLION BEEHIVES.”

Prince ‘The Buzz’ Larbie boxing challenges

Young Larbie’s main challenge now is finding opponents his age to fight here in Ghana.

He is ‘forced’ to take on opponents who are older and bigger than him and yet he finishes the job like nobody’s business.

“Here in Ghana it’s difficult to find opponents my age and weight but the bigger they come the harder they fall,” Prince Larbie said.

Prince ‘The Buzz’ Larbie Instagram page:

@princethebuzzlarbie or

Source: George Awiadem Maclean | BieGyaNation.Com

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