Kweku Flick Full Biography

Kweku Flick Biography: real age, awards, hometown, parents, hit songs

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Kweku Flick Full Biography:

Born Andy Osei Sarfo, Kweku Flick is a young Ghanaian hip hop artiste, singer, rapper, and songwriter.

The Kumasi-based artiste shot to fame with the release of his popular track, “Money” which has now become the “national anthem” of the youth in Ghana.

In 2019, he released “Awake” as his first song on FLOW RHYTHMZ’s platform.

Kweku Flick aka “King Of Melodies” is signed to BKC record Label.

Kweku Flick Real Age & Date of Birth

Andy Osei Sarfo aka Kweku Flick was born on Wednesday, May 16th, 2001.

The “Money” hitmaker is currently 20 years old and will be 21 come next year, 2022.

Meaning of ‘Kweku Flick’?

According to the young Ghanaian artiste, his stage name “Kweku” means a Wednesday born Ghanaian, and “Flick” means Quick Movement.

So, in a nutshell, Kweku Flick means: ‘a Wednesday born with quick movement’.

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Kweku Flick Parents, Hometown, Family — brothers & sisters

Kweku Flick was born to Mr Osei Kofi and Madam Edith Kakari at Abrepo–Bronikrom in the heart of Kumasi where he grew up.

The “Bye Bye” singer originally comes from Asante Mampong as his hometown in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Kweku Flick is the third born of 5 siblings namely: Justice Osei Sarfo (1st born); Bella Osei Sarfo (2nd born); Andy Osei Sarfo (Kweku Flick) (3rd born); Akua Osei Sarfo (4th born); and Afia Penamang Osei Sarfo (last born).

Kweku Flick hugs his father Mr Osei Kofi on stage
Kweku Flick hugs his dad, Mr Osei Kofi on stage to appreciate his support.

Kweku Flick Primary, JHS & SHS Education

Andy Osei Sarfo began his primary education at Saint Georges.

For his junior high Education, Kweku went to Pentecost Preparatory School (PPS).

The “Money” hitmaker went to 4 different senior high schools before finally completing his high school education at Saint Hubert Seminary High School in the Ashanti Region.

Kweku Flick Music Career

Young Kweku Flick started his music career at an early age by singing and rapping on the streets and outskirts of Abrepo-Bronikrom.

He also learnt a lot and used to do covers of  his musician elder brother named, Makado.

Kweku took music as a serious business and began writing his own songs right after completing Junior High School (JHS).

In 2019, after Kweku had taken music as a full time job, he dropped his first ever single titled “Awake” under the management of FlOW RHTHMZ — an avenue for both new and mainstream artistes to shine.

On June 12, 2020, Kweku Flick released his biggest banger yet titled “Money” which currently has over 736,000 views on Youtube.

He has since moved on to drop other bangers such as “Bye Bye” and “Ya Bre”.

Is Kweku Flick imitating or copying Kwesi Arthur’s style?

Some fans of Kwesi Arthur have descended heavily on Kweku Flick with the claim that the latter (Kweku Flick) is imitating their artiste (Kwesi Arthur).

is Kweku Flick imitating, copying or emulating Kwesi Arthur style
Kwesi Arthur (Left) and Kweku Flick (Right)

Kwesi Arthur, however, has asked all his followers not to incite or breed any feud between him and Kweku Flick.

“Let’s just push him as well. There is no need to pit us against each other. He is also doing nice songs,” Kwesi Arthur told host Jay Foley on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz show.

Kweku Flick also has, in an interview with MzGee on TV3, disclosed that people mistake him for Kwesi Arthur because they have similar voice.

The “Money” hitmaker added that even though he learns a lot from Kwesi Arthur but his voice is natural.

Kweku Flick Genre of Music (cites “Butterfly Effect” by Travis Scott)

According to Kweku Flick, the genre of music he does is Trap Music and so tags himself as a Trapper.

Kweku Flick cites “Butterfly Effect” by Travis Scott as a perfect example of the kind of genre he does.

The singer continues that a Trapper is someone who does Trap music and because Trap music is a subgenre of hip hop music, it (trap music) also uses synthesized drums and is characterized by tuned-kick drums, and as a musician who does only melodies, he found out that trap music will be the perfect genre for him because melody is all about arrangement of musical notes in a way that is attractive, enjoyable, and soothing.

Kweku Flick Hit Singles

  • Money” — produced by Apya
  • Bye Bye” — produced by Apya
  • Awake” — produced by Apya
  • Yabr3 p3n — produced by Abretti
  • New Year — produced by Willisbeatz (released today, January 1st, 2021)

Kweku Flick’s favourite game & English Premier League Football Team

Kweku Flick’s favourite game certainly is FIFA soccer game.

Of course, Kweku’s favourite team in the world is the Red Devils, Liverpool FC in the English Premier League.

Kweku Flick Awards & Nominations

  • 2020 — Most Popular Song Of Ashanti (Money) — @Ashanti Region Music Awards —Winner!
  • 2020 — Hip Hop Song Of Ashanti (Awake) — @Ashanti Region Music Awards — Winner!
  • 2020 — New Artist Of Ashanti — @Ashanti Region Music Awards — Nominated
  • 2020 — Artist Of The Year in Ashanti — @Ashanti Region Music Awards — Nominated
  • 2020 — New Discovery of the year — @Ghana Youth Entertainment Awards — Winner!

Kweku Flick Phone Number for bookings

For bookings, call Kweku Flick on ☎️+233270260035 / +233(0) 240017565 or Email:[email protected]/

Kweku Flick Instagram:

@kwekuflick or

Kweku Flick Twitter:

@kwekuflick or

Kweku Flick Facebook:

@kwekuflick or

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