Efia Odo Biography

Efia Odo Biography: Age, Mother, Hometown

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Who is Efia Odo in Ghana?

Born Andrea Owusu, Efia Odo is a Ghanaian actress, television & radio presenter who worked with Kwece TV and Okay Fm in Ghana.

Efia Odo — correctly spelt as Afia ⊃do — is an Ashanti girl who hails from Ejisu Juaben in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The Friday born actress who’s locally named and known as ‘Afia Agyeiwaa’ has become a major item for discussion as she continues to grab the headlines with each passing week.

Date of Birth

Andrea Owusu aka Efia Odo was born on Friday, July 16th, 1993 even though she has continuously celebrated her birthday on the 18th of July.


Efia Odo is currently 29 years of age and will be 30 come July this year, 2023.


Efia Odo was born to Mr & Mrs Owusu in the heart of Juaben in the Ashanti Region of Ghana some 26 years ago but was raised in the United States of America.

Early Life

Miss Efia Odo was just a one-year-old baby when her biological mother, Adombi Dwabeng Serwaa, left Ghana to stay with her (the mother’s) younger sister in the United States of America.

At age 5, Efia Odo was relocated to the United States of America from Ghana to join her mother and that is where the actress was raised and has lived all her life.

Very little is known about her real father, Mr Owusu whose relationship with Efia Odo’s mum automatically collapsed the moment she (Efia’s mum) travelled to America.

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Miss Efia until recently knew very little or nothing about the whereabouts of her real dad, Mr. Owusu.

Efia Odo’s mother on the other hand has been very supportive of her daughter, Efia.

The mother once jumped to Efia’s defence when she (Efia) got herself entangled in some controversies sometime ago.


Efia Odo hails from Ejisu Juabeng in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. 

(Watch video of Efia Odo’s beautiful mum as she defends her daughter, Efia).

Career and Education

Long before Efia Odo came back to Ghana from the United States of America, she had a decent nursing career and worked as an assistant nurse.

Miss Efia Odo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the Nyack College/University in the United States of America.

Her desire to relocate to Ghana, was to pursue her passion in acting, television & radio presentation.


So far, Ghanaian movies Efia Odo is known to have played roles in, include ‘Heels and Sneakers’, ‘She Prayed’, among others.

She landed a starring role in the lifestyle drama and feature film, “Royal Diadem” that talks about love & greed.

Efia Odo is co-host of ‘Head Start’ and ‘The Arena’ on Kwese Free Sports, and also co-hosts “U & Me” with Abeiku Santana on his drive time show on Okay FM every Friday.

Rise To Fame

Efia Odo, who was never known to the Ghanaian media, instantaneously became famous & popular when she released sem¡-nude photos of her in a Kente striped bikini. 

(Is this to suggest that majority of Ghanaians really love anything related to s£x but pretend not to???!)

The beautiful Ghanaian television personality has ever since become one of the most talked about ‘Slay Queens’ in recent times.


The Friday born Efia Odo started dating one Nana Wan — an alleged hardcore ‘Sakawa’ guy. Their relationship was on and off until the final breakup happened.

Then came Efia Odo’s relationship with her then rich boyfriend, Kwaku Reveloe, which was made public for Ghanaians to feast their eyes on.

efia odo kwaku reveloe n shatta wale.
Efia Odo with former boyfriend Kwaku Reveloe. Inset: Shatta Wale & Kwaku Reveloe

Kwaku Reveloe, who is alleged to be a Sakawa guy — an allegation he has never denied publicly — is said to scam other people to get his kind of money.

He (Reveloe) is even alleged to have scammed an unidentified Whiteman, by ‘selling’ him the whole OKomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital located in the heart of Kumasi, Ashanti Region, with the claim that he (Reveloe) owned that huge facility.

The foundation of Efia Odo’s relationship with then rich boyfriend, Reveloe began to shake when an Instagram user (@tiwa_ili) accused Efia Odo of having snatched someone’s husband.  

The Instagram user (@tiwa_ili) queried: “And do you know he’s married with kids?”

Efia Odo replied: “and do you know that you look like a f00l writing things you don’t know?”.

One thing led to the other and a breakup fell the way of the two lovebirds — Efia Odo & Kwaku Reveloe.

Initially, Efia Odo denied that she wasn’t affected by their breakup but later admited that the kind of broken heart attack she had suffered was like that of the Atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in Japan some years ago — booom boooom boooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Archipalago vs Efia Odo threes0me with Shatta Wale & Junior US

Social media commentator, Archipalago revealed some time ago that Junior US — a very good friend of Dancehall King Shatta Wale who was shot and k!lled in the USA — once told him (Archipalago) that they (Shatta Wale & Junior US) had a threes0me with Efia Odo in the US.

After the act, Archipalago alleges that the late Junior US paid her an unspecified amount of money (dollars).

Efia Odo in a quick response denied Archipalago’s allegation and said that she only liked the person of the late Junior US and nothing else.

Efia Odo & Shatta Wale ‘chopping’ love?

In recent videos posted on social media, the King of African Dancehall, Shatta Wale is seen with Efia Odo seriously ‘chopping’ love in bed and in his music production studios.

(Watch the video of Efia Odo & Shatta Wale ‘chopping’ love)

Efia Odo somewhat confirmed her new relationship with Shatta Wale by sharing on her Instagram account that “ I did not see my menses, I think I’m pregnant for Shatta Wale. Ooh Gosh”.

Awards & Nominations

So far, Efia Odo has one major award in her closest.

2018 — Best Leading Actress of The Year @Ghana Movie Awards edition hosted at the Kempinski Hotel on December 30, 2018Winner!

Efia Odo Slams Fella Makafui & Sista Afia

Efia Odo is one person who loves to court controversy for herself — it is as if her very life solely depends on it.

She publicly f0ught Ghanaian songstress, Sista Afia whom she accused of having fake a$$ after a video of the songstress showed her wearing some fake bu** lifter.

YOLO actress & model Fella Makafui, girlfriend of Ghanaian rap artiste Medikal, has also had her fair share of Efia Odo’s beefing rants.

She later apologized to Fella Makafui for the insults she poured on her.

Is Efia Odo a Slay Queen or ‘Celebrity’?

Yours Truly BieGyaNation.Com states: the term Slay Queen in the Ghanaian context means any young ‘Ashawo’ girl in disguise with no purpose in life whose lifeline is solely dependent on consistently showing her n@kedness to get the attention of the public.

In return, she gets h00ked up to rich men in society in discreet love affairs who are ready to buy her the latest iPhone version, cars, mansions, and sponsor her trips to beautiful and rich destinations like Dubai, Tokyo, London, and New York.

The word ‘Celebrity’ in the Ghanaian context stands for any popular person who somewhat has something substantial to his or her name.

He or she could be an actor or actress, politician, radio or a television personality.

Efia Odo once wrote on her twitter page:

“I always say I’m not a celebrity. I haven’t done anything deserving to be called a celebrity. Someone like @yvonnenelsongh yes she’s a celebrity. I’m working towards that status. Maybe I’m popular, but not yet a celebrity.”

Perhaps, after realizing what the Slay Queen term means in the Ghanaian context, Efia Odo has issued out a strong warning to Ghanaians to stop tagging her as a ‘Slay Queen’.

She says she is a Queen who slays and not just a mere slay queen.


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SOURCE: George Awiadem Maclean | BieGyaNation.Com

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