Poor Yoghurt seller surprised with GH¢10,000 in Cape Coast

Wooow! Poor Yoghurt seller surprised with GH¢10,000 from one of the many poor kids he did good some 30years ago (Photos)

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This is what happens when you keep on doing good deeds to poor people without expecting anything in return, and success come knocking on your door one day.

Yours truly BieGyaNation.Com chanced upon this man who has been very good to the poor kids within his reach in Cape Coast.

The man in the FanMilk shirt is a seller of FanMilk products (Yoghurt, Fanice, Fantago, etc) who lives in Cape Coast, Ghana.

He is reported by Eric Ankomah Sey to have been selling Fanmilk products for the past 30 years or so.

Throughout these 30 years of his struggles to make ends meet, this poor yogurt seller has been giving freely to the poor kids who do not have money to enjoy his Fanmilk products.

And today, this poor yoghurt seller got the sh0ck of his life when one of those poor kids he used to give some of his yoghurt to eat for free some years ago pulled up to show him love.

One of the  ‘poor kids’ who is now a grown up surprised him with a whooping GH¢10,000 cash ($1,834) or 100million old cedis.

Yoghurt seller fan milk surprised with ghc10000 in Cape Coast.
Poor Yoghurt seller surprised with GH¢10,000 by one of his poor ‘kids’ he used to feed. (Sorry for the poor picture quality)
Yoghurt seller fan milk surprised with GHc10,000 in Cape Coast Ghana.
The poor Yoghurt seller can’t believe this is happening to him for real

And BieGyaNation.Com can’t help but applaud this young man for, at least, remembering and giving back to this poor yoghurt seller for doing him and some other kids good, some 30 years ago.

May GOD Almighty richly bless his ‘hustle’.

We hope this story will go a long way to inspire the rich today who were once poor to remember their poor background, and the need to help those who are also in need.  

BieGyaNation.Com also feels that the FanMilk Company of Ghana should award such dedicated poor sellers of their products to make feel good.

Yoghurt seller fan milk surprised with ghc10,000
The poor Yoghurt seller serving some of his customers (sorry for the poor picture quality)

Guys, what do you think?

Source: BieGyaNation.Com / George Awiadem Maclean

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