Mizoram boy runs over chicken with cycle in Sairang, India

Wonders! Boy accidentally runs over chicken with cycle, takes it to hospital with all the money he had to save it

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Where in the world can we find people with such pure hearts as this little boy?

Well, the boy you see in the photo comes from Sairang, Mizoram in India.

His crime? He acc!dentally ran over the chicken he holds in the photo which belongs to his neighbour.

The shocking thing this little boy did was that, he didn’t run away to leave the chicken to its fate as most adults would have done but took it to a nearby hospital for possible resuscitation.

On top of that, he gave all the money on him to the hospital authorities just in case there was the need to pay for medication in treating the ran-over chicken.

What yours truly BieGyaNation.Com can’t confirm nor deny is whether the chicken survived or not.

We hope it did.

Source: BieGyaNation.Com

Credit to facebook user, Sanga Says for sharing the photo:

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