Yemi Alade

Hey Yemi Alade, never do this thing in your video again, ok. You’re Warned!

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You see, fake things are always fake, and natural things, of course, are forever natural.

Nigerian female superstar, Yemi Alade has just released her new music video titled ‘Home’. (Watch the video below and slide to 00:44 on the timeline)

Oh, and we (@BieGyaNation.Com) kinda love the song with its sound quality and the video except its subdued lighting, and we think Clarence Peters could have done better, or??? Hmmm!

So, all Yemi Alade sought to portray in the said ‘Home’ video is the cultural values that a typical ‘local’ African girl upholds in a typical local African setting but… 😳 😳 😳 

In one of the scenes, BieGyaNation.Com notices Yemi Alade in her natural beauty without any ‘mumu’ horror make up, washing some clothes outside.  Nice one there!

She sees her Mr. Handsome in a moving canoe on an adjoining river to the sea (or is it a river?) and we (BieGyaNation.Com) can’t understand what made the songstress wave whilst showing her fake installed plastic-rubber nails at her Mr. Handsome.

Tweaaaaaaa! Sister Aunty Obaa Yemi paaaaa, where in Africa can you find a local/village African girl with such installed fake plastic/rubber nails washing such ‘African Clothes’— and I hope you know what I mean by ‘African clothes’???

Yemi Alade washing with fake nails in her Home video.
Aaaaaaaba, Sister Yemi Alade!

I mean, how on earth is it possible to wash such “African clothes” with such fake installed plastic-rubber nails, Sister Aunty Yemi Alade eeii? Aaaaaaaaaba! Where, somebody tell us where?

Sis Aunte Obaa Yemi, what you sought to portray of a decent African village girl in your Home video isn’t what real decent African village girls do.

You could have done away with your installed nails with respect to the scenes where you wanted to portray the true beauty of a real African girl.

Sister Aunty Yemi, BieGyaNation.Com can bet you that even your house witches will not wear or install such fake plastic-rubber nails on their fingers at night just to wash the clothes of Mr Ibu or Aki & Porpor. Never!

Well, we could have forgiven you but judging by the volumes of clothes you had beside you to wash in the video, we @BieGyaNation.Com don’t think your house witches will even forgive us if we forgive you.

Chaiii, you girls make fakeness look too fake ‘koraaa’ too much ‘do do’! Mtcheeeeew!

Guys, what do you think? Share your opinions with us if you think Yemi was right or wrong in the comment box below.

SOURCE: BieGyaNation.Com

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